Getting Medicaid For Children With Disabilities

There are certain types of Medicaid that will help people with low incomes, those who are older then a certain age, and children with disabilities. We have provided a list of requirements and information that will help you to understand the steps needed to be taken to help find assistance for you and your child that is between the ages of three and twenty-one.

This type of Medicaid will cover health screenings, transportation, different kinds of therapy, psychological services, and home health care. It is possible for anyone to apply for this – but it does not mean that everyone will be eligible for it. The program is funded by both state and federal governments and as such have various eligibility requirements depending on what state you live in.

One requirement that falls under the federal law is that you be a U.S. citizen. You will be able to easily prove this through the use of your Social Security number. When this has been taken care of you must see if your child falls under the necessary Medicaid requirement and whether or not you make too much for it.

Some children who have qualified for Social Security Disability Income will not always quality for Medicaid. Also children who have been accepted into their school’s special education services will not mean that they qualify for Medicaid. The requirements needed for each of these is vastly different. Still the information from the school concerning your child’s disability will help you.

If your child has been accepted you will be given a identification or access card. This will help you to pay for any health care needs, psychological treatments, and medications. If you have any form of medical insurance this must first be used to pay for different things. You must NOT allow anyone else to use the access card. This is Medicaid fraud and could cost you time in prison and a fine of up to $250,000.