How To Apply For Emergency Medicaid

Emergency Medicaid is used by people who have no health insurance and require immediate medical attention. It is only given to those who meet the requirements. In most cases you have to be of a certain age, make a certain amount, and have a certain type of problem to be approved for it.

Social Service Department

To apply for emergency Medicaid you need to visit your local social service department or health department. You must bring along your social security card, identification, proof of residence, proof of assets, bank statements, and proof of income. A case worker will be assigned to you and they will take all of this information and open up a file under your name with your own specific number.

It might take them several days or a few weeks before they are able to compile all of your information, check it, and have it approved. You can call back with your case number and check on the status. However, they will call you when they have made a decision.


Another way that you can apply is to visit a hospital or clinic. You need to bring along a recent pay stub, bank statement, driver’s license, and utility bill. If approved you will be given a temporary Medicaid card which you can use till the permanent one is received through the mail.


Lastly you can apply for the emergency Medicaid online. Visit the Medicaid website and apply for it in your state. All of the same information you needed for the social service department will be required. A case worker will be assigned to you and will receive all of the information.