How To Apply For Medicaid

Medicaid is offered to people who have a very low income and are not able to afford any other type of health care insurance plan. With Medicaid any medical assistance, doctor’s visits, testing, hospital stays, and prescription medication will be taken care of. Before you are able to receive any of these benefits though you must first meet the requirements set up for it.

In order to get your hand on a Medicaid application form you first need to consider all of the requirements needed to obtain it. They will need to know how much you and your spouse makes each month, how hold you and your spouse and your children are, and what type of benefits your family will qualify under. Much of this information will be dependent on what state you live in.

There are some states that will allow you to fill out a Medicaid application form during the same time you fill one out for supplemental social security. However, there are other states that will require a separate form for this. Although you might receive social security you may not qualify for Medicaid.

To obtain a Medicaid application you should call, write, or go down to the nearest Department of Social Services or the Department of Human Services. The local regional office contact information should be listed in your states official government web site or in the phone book. It is also possible to get an application through the Prenatal Care Assistance Program through the Mental Health Office in your area.

People who cannot move about easily or do not have a car can try to fill out an online form. This is only possible if your state will give you this option. This is the quickest method and can be submitted immediately and will keep you from having to mail it.

Once you have submitted the application you should be prepared to set up a time for an interview. During this interview you should bring verification of your employment like a paycheck and information on any health plans you are a part of, if any.